Ironton Rail Trail

Trail Map

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View our new Ironton Rail Trail Interactive Historical Map. (credit - Joshua Lentz)

Trail Facilities and Access Points

Loop Index
L1 - Chestnut & North Ruch Street (H,P,T,A)
L2 - Loop & Spur Junction
L3 - Columbia Street (P,A)
L4 - Park Avenue (P,A)
L5 - Center Street (P,A)
L6 - South Ruch Street (P,A)
L7 - Hokendauqua Park (P,T,A)
L8 - Lehigh Street Bridge (P,F,C)
L9 - Eberhart Road & Biery Yard (P,T,H)*
L10 - D&L Trail* & Water Street (P,A)
L11 - East Church Street (P,A)
L12 - Hokendauqua American Legion (P,A)
L13 - Hokendauqua Street (P)
L14 - Under Coplay/Northampton Bridge
L15 - 2nd Street * Coplay Parkway (P,C,T,A,F)

Spur Index
S1 - Under MacArthur Road
S2 - Charles Nehf Trail & Red Barn (P,T,A)
S3 - Chestnut Street
S4 - South Church Street (P,A)
S5- Bridge Street
S6 - Reliance Street (P,A)
S7 - Quarry Street
S8 - Portland Street (P,A)
S9 - Mauch Chunk Road
S10 - Levans Road (P,T,A,H)

Amenities Codes
L - Loop
S - Spur
P - Parking
T - Picnic Table
A - ADA Accessible
H - Trail Head
C- Phone Available
M - Milage Marker
F - Food Service
* - Proposed Amenity


Loop Mile Markers
L 0.0- Trailhead- Whitehall
L 0.5- Junction/Columbia St.- Whitehall
L 1.0- Park St./Center St.- Whitehall
L 1.5- South Ruch St.- Whitehall
L 2.0- Lehigh St. Bridge- Whitehall
L 2.5- Biery Yard- Whitehall
L 3.0- East Church St.- Whitehall
L 3.5- Legion/ Hokendauqua- Whitehall
L 4.0- under Chestnut St. Bridge- Whitehall
L 4.5- 2nd St.-Trailhead- Coplay
L 5.0- American Club/North Ruch St.- Coplay

Spur Mile Markers
S 0.0- Junction
S 0.5- SR145 & Parkway East- Whitehall
S 1.0- S.Church St.- Whitehall
S 1.5- Reliance/Bridge St.- Whitehall
S 2.0- Quarry/Portland St.- North Whitehall
S 2.5- Portland St.- North Whitehall
S 3.5- Mauch Chunk Rd.
S 4.0- Trailhead- North Whitehall

Rules of the Trail

  • Open from Dawn to dusk daily.
  • Uses include; walking, jogging, bicycling, cross-country skiing, nature study and wheelchairs.
  • Keep dogs leashed and remove all feces.
  • Share the trail with all users. Keep to the right.

NO trespassing on adjacent private property.
NO horses or motorized vehicles with the exception of battery powered wheelchairs.
NO illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages are permitted.
NO fires or camping, hunting or trapping.
NO dumping or littering. Use trash receptacles provided along the trail.

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